Keep Calm

Words cannot even explain how overwhelmed I have been lately.

We are in the middle of buying our first home, fulfilling the lease we are in now, packing, and picking out paint colors. My car was broken into and my cell phone was stolen all in one week. And work, HA, don’t even get me started on that topic. I don’t think anything else could happen that would make these last couple of weeks any worse. So, Now that I have thrown my own pity party lets talk decorating!!!

 I have spent countless hours thinking of paint colors. There are just too many to choose from.

Here is a sneak peek of the inspiration in Emelia’s room.

 I will be making everything including the bedding, I am so excited about it. I’m actually more excited that I have finally decided upon something. You have no idea how many books and magazines I have browsed through trying to find just the right idea.

  Now, If I could just choose the decor for the kitchen and living room, life would be grand.  If you think your kitchen or living room is amazing, I would love to see pictures (

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with their families!!!

And remember……

Now, get of this computer and go spend time with the people who mean the most!!


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