Free Valentine’s Tutu & Headband

Want to WIN a FREE Valentine’s Tutu & Headband set from Emelias Moms Boutique? Here’s what to do:

  •  First, Suggest ALL your friends to “LIKE” our facebook page. You can do this by clicking the “suggest to friends” button on our facebook page. Then, leave us a message on facebook that you have completed step one!!!

  •  Second, head over to our shop and find your favorite item. Next, click on our blog (you can find this on the homepage of Leave us a comment, telling us what your favorite item is.

 The WINNER will be randomly selected on February 7th!!!


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2 Responses to Free Valentine’s Tutu & Headband

  1. what a cute idea! Ok I did “like” your facebook page but I couldn’t find a suggest to friends button so I did a “share” on my page which I think will go to my friends news feed. We love the zebra print ruffle bloomers, if I was having a boy I would have them! lol You are very talented and creative 🙂 Thanks for setting up the giveaway!

  2. lol I just re-read it…i should have put if i wasn’t have a boy! lol i promise we arent planning to dress him in zebra and hot pink! lol

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